Service Specials

Every day Oil Change Special

Semi-Synthetic $29.95

Synthetic $59.95


FREE Car Wash

FREE Anti-freeze and Washer fluid Check

FREE Battery Test

Includes filter and up to 5qts of oil. Diesel vehicles not included in special

Winter Inspection


Make sure you’re driving the safest vehicle possible this winter. We will inspect these key features of your vehicle at no charge:

  • Battery
  • Wiper Blades
  • Tires
  • Fluids
EXPIRES: 03/31/2021

Starting at $164.95

Did you know? Batteries have a rating known as “cold cranking amps” that are used to turn the engine over. When the amps fall below a certain threshold your vehicle will struggle to start, or possibly not start at all! The colder is it outside, the more “CCA’s” are required to start your engine, which is why your battery always seems to fail on the coldest day. Heller Motors provides free battery testing, with no appointment required. Stop in today if you are concerned about your battery lasting through winter.
EXPIRES: 02/27/2021
Coolant/Antifreeze Flush


Why do you need a coolant/antifreeze flush?
Your vehicle uses a heater core to heat the cabin seating area. When coolant passes through the core, it uses fins and tubes to increase the heat into the cabin. Over time, the cooling system collects sediment, which will decrease the flow of coolant through the heater core, and can greatly affect the amount of heat coming through the vents!
If your vehicle just doesn’t seem as cozy as last winter, it’s probably not you. Schedule an appointment today, and we’ll get you warmed up!
EXPIRES: 02/27/2021
Wiper Blades

Starting at $47.95

Worn wipers are a safety hazard!
Wiper blades are made of rubber, and over time, sunlight, extreme temps and other elements will dry and crack the rubber, affecting the blade’s integrity. In our area of the country wipers, are used most frequently in winter and spring. Manufacturers recommend changing wiper blades every season, and it’s an easy addition to schedule during your oil change.
Did you know? Our Mopar blades come with a 2-year warranty!
EXPIRES: 02/27/2021
All-Weather Mats and Splash Guards

Call for a Quote!

Protect your vehicle, inside and out!

This time of year, with roads covered in snow, ice and salt, all-weather mats will keep your interior clean. Mats also help protect against spilled drinks and every day dirt and grime that is carried into your vehicle on your shoes.
Splash guards will help keep the mud and salt off the body panels of your vehicle. Salt is the major contributor to rust in our region of the country!
Call today for a quote on mats and guards that are custom made for your vehicle.


EXPIRES: 02/27/2021